It is easy to look for others to blame for our failures, discontent and dissatisfaction. Maybe that’s part of our human frailty. Regardless, if we continue to blame our dissatisfaction on others, it will just make it grow bigger and more burdensome.

The alternative is to choose to embrace our failures, fully own them and be responsible for our own dissatisfaction. The result is that our willingness to own it will make it go away.

There can be all sorts of reasons why we are unhappy with our life. Yet it is not those reasons that matter, but rather what we are willing to think, to feel and to do. We have that capability and that’s powerful.

When we accept that our dissatisfaction is ours and ours alone, we can quickly move forward and get beyond it. Though we may not be able to immediately change the outer conditions, we can change, immediately, our own perspective which clouds our rational thinking.

What really weighs us down is not what has happened to us, but how we have chosen to respond. If we choose to let go of the failures, discontent and dissatisfaction that sours our perspective, then we can free ourselves to grab hold of the many positive possibilities that are waiting to be discovered.

Whether the situation is our fault or not, it doesn't really matter at this point. We must move beyond wasteful blame. The best strategy is to be truly thankful for where we are, and to move quickly in the direction of where we wish to be.

Life can be tough enough, but we don't have to be add to that burden. Let go of your dissatisfaction! Only then can you cast aside the needless weight of sorrow and discontent to move forward with confidence and enthusiasm. Success and reward are waiting just around the corner but the first step is ours to take.

Think about it…