On this day, as you think back on the many yesterdays, is there something you wish you had done earlier? If you’re human, that answer is obvious – absolutely! Although you can't go back to the past and get it done, it can be a valuable learning opportunity as there is a valuable lesson in your failure to learn and act.

If you do not learn the lesson, it is likely a sure bet that tomorrow, you may very well be wishing that you had done some particular thing today!

Fortunately, you still have the time and opportunity to do it.

Looking forward to next month, or even next year, what actions will you wish you had already taken? Now, today, is your chance to change each of them from a future wish into present reality.

Today, with your actions, you can make those future wishes come to life! Today, right now, you can avoid future regrets, sometimes these are very painful regrets, that would otherwise be headed your way and on a collision course with your destiny.

What once in some long-ago past seemed like a distant future has already become reality. It has already come and gone.

Today, in this very present, what you consider to be the future is fast approaching, like a freight train. This future, your future, can benefit greatly from what you choose to do today with this opportunity.

Today, in this very moment, what can you do that you'll soon, at some point in the future, thank yourself for doing? Instead of empty wishes and painful regrets, fill your future with sincere gratitude for what you're doing today, in this moment. What action will you take that will determine your future? What do you want to look back on with pride and accomplishment? Don’t look back with regrets about something that should have been done. Today, the future is yours to write so be the author of your destiny.

Think about it …