This might sound sophomoric, but if you were given a choice, would you rather carry a bag of rocks or a sack of diamonds? This does sound ridiculous, but we do have a choice, and you might be surprised how many people choose rocks.

Abraham Lincoln once said, that if you "look for what's wrong, you will surely find it."

This is as true today as it was in Lincoln’s time. The perceived imperfections, commonly thought of as discrepancies, in ourselves mean we can always find areas in which we fall short of perfection. For a lot of us, easy to find evidence of discrepancies, because no one is perfect!

Many of us, as mere mortals, tend to focus on what is wrong in our life. We are busy looking for the flaws and weaknesses in our character. We are weighing ourselves down with a lot of unnecessary baggage. It’s the same as going through life carrying a bag of rocks—and every day we add more rocks to the bag.

This weight can become a ponderous load much like Marley’s ghost in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. In Dicken’s timeless story, Jacob Marley’s ghost has chains wrapped around him. Those heavy chains represented the metaphorical chains that he ‘forged’ in life. Marley was chained by his greed and self-imposed isolation. We can think of the negativity that our bag of rocks represents as being self-imposed as well.

Certainly, if we are prone to be a negative thinker, then the weight of our burden becomes a self-imposed “ponderous load.”  However, if we spend the majority of our time focusing on all the things that are good and positive in our lives - and there are countless numbers of delights once we focus on them – that bag of rocks transforms into a sack of diamonds.

One thing we would suggest is to get an understanding of the direction of your focus. First, set aside some quiet time to make two lists. On one list, note all your perceived deficiencies. On the other list, record all your strengths.

Once you have finished both lists, read through both lists to determine if you used a double standard. Did you list shortcomings which are only occasionally true about yourself? On the other list, did you note strengths that are almost always true of yourself? For most of us, it would be a safe bet that you are stacking the cards against yourself. Now, go back through both lists and rewrite them to have them reflect what is true most of the time.

In order to reverse your thinking, you must transform your negative habits that say it is better to carry rocks than diamonds. Instead, begin focusing on your strengths. Try this and see how much different it can make. Your life will become so much richer and fulfilling!

Think about it…