The Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS) presents both a Measurement Zone and an Education Zone on its exhibition floor at the annual Coordinate Metrology Society Conference (CMSC). These areas are designed to address multiple industry issues with emphasis on the shortage of skilled and professionally recognized metrologists. In the field of metrology, the lack of education and training are cited as problem areas, as most operators experience on the job training. Each year, the CMS turns its attention to these Zones to focus on educational necessities for fundamental metrology skills. The Measurement and Education Zones incorporate all the latest tools, techniques and sophisticated measurement equipment and software available for such as metrology-assisted operations for alignment and assembly, and the emerging requirements of Industry 4.0.

In 2010, the Coordinate Metrology Society introduced educational programs to highlight the impact of the workforce skills gap. A number of user activities formulated for the conference were centered around repeatability and reproducibility. These programs highlighted the need for knowledge and understanding in core skills to supplement the latest technology being used including scanners, laser trackers, articulating arms, photogrammetry systems and more.

Interactive Education

At the heart of the exhibition hall, the Measurement Zone has been the most popular addition to the CMS Conference. Each day, challenging programs are scheduled for operators with all levels of experience. Participants can use different types of equipment to perform 3D measurements operations using guided and non-guided techniques. Participants apply best practices as members of the Coordinate Metrology Society and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL – UK) study the correlation between operator measurement techniques and accuracy/precision.

The success of the Measurement Zone inspired the organization to add the Education Zone in 2016. The goal of the Education Zone was to create interactive learning areas about metrology and the new CMS Certification programs being introduced that year. These two zones have become the focal point in the action-packed hall where exhibitors showcase their newest products, technology and services. Attendees are engaged and challenged with creative daily activities, including knowledge contests and hands-on competitions using portable metrology systems.

The Education Zone Adds More

The Education Zone plays host to a variety of activities to educate measurement professionals about the state-of-the-art in metrology. In this Zone area, attendees can access tablets that are setup with NPL’s E-Learning course catalog, providing a multitude of online training classes for differing levels of expertise. Attendees can study a variety of metrology topics from measurement uncertainty to strategic measurement plans.

The main attraction of the Zone is the ever-popular Metrology Quiz Show hosted by Bob Elliot. This test-your-knowledge game is based upon the CMS Level-One Certification program and its core body of knowledge. During the CMS Quiz Show, participants will first compete in heats, and each winning team will stand off in a grand finale game to claim the title of 2018 CMSC Champions. All attendees are invited to engage in this fun and interactive platform to test their metrology chops.

In 2017, "Ask the Expert" was a new addition introduced in the Education Zone. This question and answer session allows attendees to ask compelling technical questions. The expert panel is comprised of experts in the fields of articulating arms, laser trackers, scanners, photogrammetry and GD&T.  In 2018, the CMS is expanding into the world of traditional coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), and will add a CMM expert to the panel.

“Spotlight on New Technology” is a new segment in 2018, which will consist of several presentations focused on a new product or technology being released just prior to or at the conference. The presenters will give a brief overview and hold a Q&A session to address the uses or technology behind the showcased product or software.

Year after year, a CMSC fan favorite program is the Laser Tracker Best Practices presentation given by Ben Hughes. This annual session packs the Zone with users looking for a host of tips, tricks and information about the proper care and feeding of their laser trackers. Hughes tailors his program to provide timely information for beginners to experts, from casual operators to full time tracker professionals.

The Coordinate Metrology Society is committed to the growth and enthusiasm for Education Zone programming. The society will also reach out to the CMS population for ideas on the areas of metrology they would like to learn more about. The Education Zone will continue to be a test bed for the CMS Certification program through feedback sessions on future certifications and growth ideas.

Hands-On Challenges

The Measurement Zone ushers attendees to the ground floor of best practices using metrology equipment. This year, the Measurement Zone will be divided into six distinct technology zones. Each area will introduce the participant to different types of equipment to measure various types and sizes of parts.

Zone 1 will incorporate a Scanner and color back projection to guide an operator in a grinding/finishing process. In Zone 2, the setup will feature tracking and assembly tools to guide an operator through a metrology-assisted riveting/welding process. Zone 3 incorporates an articulating arm for automated production inspection and correction for part production.

In Zone 4, attendees will be able to execute 3D and 6D measurements for robotic assembly verification complete with accuracy and repeatability for the robot. Automated part inspection, alignment and reporting using an articulating arm will be located in Zone 5. Last, but not least, Zone 6 is the "Competition Zone" where users will utilize portable metrology equipment to measure and perform defined measurement tasks on a specific part or scenario using a piece of equipment to be named at the CMSC. The competition will be judged and is limited by time. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is the 2018 sponsor of the CMSC Measurement Zone.

CMSC 2018

This year, the Coordinate Metrology Society Conference opens its doors from July 23-27, 2018 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV. This gathering draws leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and service providers, as well as industry experts delivering fresh perspectives on trends, best practices, R&D, successful applications and innovations in the field of metrology. The CMS has traditionally served the portable metrology community for more than 30 years. This year, the society welcomes the traditional CMM community as well.

The CMS is dedicated to its educational mandate and will seek to explore new avenues of metrology education at its annual conference. The Education Zone sets the industry stage for delivering new and fun ways to test knowledge and inform the community on everything that is "metrology". The Measurement Zone will continue to enable metrologists, novice and expert, to test their practical skills. These operators also get the chance to get hands-on experience with equipment and application scenarios they may not have access to in their everyday work activities. The Measurement and Educational Zones are open during CMSC Exhibition Hours.

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