One of the things that I’ve spent a lot of time talking about in my work or in mentoring others, is the power of positive reinforcements. Some experts in the field, like my friend Lou Tice, the late CEO of The Pacific Institute, basically called this “affirmations” which is a big part of positive reinforcement.

In some communication systems, like those used by the armed forces, the word "affirmative" is used instead of "yes." Therefore, an affirmation is saying "yes" to something. In a formal debate, the side that upholds the truth of the proposition is called the "affirmative side." So, when someone makes an affirmation, they are saying, "Yes, I believe in the truth of this."

Affirmations, combined with other positive reinforcements like visualizations or mental images, are a highly effective way of moving into new situations without anxiety. They can also help us achieve goals of every conceivable kind.

Actors, musicians and professional athletes, among other professions, use affirmation and positive reinforcement along with practice to help them routinely perform at peak form. I remember listening to a sportscaster interviewing a weight-lifter who had just surpassed his personal best record. The weight-lifter said, "It feels like deja vu. I have seen myself do this many times in my mind."

In essence, this athlete’s subconscious didn't know the difference between a vividly imagined throw and the real thing. Using his mind’s power of visualization and positive reinforcement, he was training his body to use near perfect form. Therefore, it was no surprise when he finally did throw perfectly with outstanding results.

This is a powerful message for all of us. No matter what you are trying or wanting to do, if you rehearse the future over and over in your mind and see yourself performing perfectly, you will be dramatically increasing your chances of bringing that future into reality.

Use the power of positive reinforcement tools (affirmations, visualizations, and mental images) to bring about success in your life. It takes concentration and focused thought, but it’s not rocket science. Countless people have learned to do this, why not you?

Think about it…