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Applying Quality Measurement Solutions to Improve the Quality of New Energy Vehicle Components

10/27/21 1:30 pm to 10/27/22 CDT
Contact: Meg M.

The manufacture of new energy vehicles (NEVs) is accelerating at a rate not seen in the automobile industry in the last 100 years. Battery and fuel-cell powered vehicles are quieter and have fewer moving parts, yet meeting the same manufacturing quality standards requires new applications of quality measurement solutions.

An overview of current NEV power train architectures will be provided. The measurement challenges of each key component: e-motors/transmissions, lithium-ion batteries, car body solutions, battery modules, battery packs and fuel-cell assemblies will be shared.

The typical manufacturing process for each of these components will be described. Quality gates where insertion of a quality measurement solution can improve each process will be shown. Design, Quality and Manufacturing engineers will benefit by learning how application of quality measurement solutions can improve product quality. No prerequisite knowledge of new energy vehicles or quality data management principles is required.

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