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Measuring Hard-to-Reach Surfaces using the MarSurf CM Confocal Technology in Conjunction with Replica Materials

KEYWORDS: Measure / metrology / surface
10/27/21 2:30 pm to 10/27/22 CDT
Contact: Meg M.

Surface metrologists are often tasked with measuring surfaces in hard-to-reach locations. Small bore diameters, undercuts, keyways and gears often have surface finish requirements, but they can also be difficult to access – especially with optical surface metrology instruments, which have line of sight requirements. This presentation will review the use of metrology casting materials or replica materials that are used to create high fidelity reproductions of these difficult-to-measure surfaces. These reproductions can then be more easily measured.

One of the uncertainties of this process is how well the castings represent the actual surface. As part of this study, castings of traceable standards and industrial parts were measured alongside the originals. Comparison of the results allows us to draw some important conclusions about this process.

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