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How to Stay Lean in a Competitive Market-4 Strategies for Profitability and Efficiency

10/28/21 10:30 am to 10/28/22 CDT
Contact: Meg M.

This session introduces four strategies to keep your company stream-lined and efficient. The solutions shared in this presentation come from our many years of experience working with quality engineers in manufacturing organizations. Pursuing software solutions to these and other challenges is our purpose as an organization and we hope that you gain insight how to gain and retain your competitive edge.

Here are four key actions that successful companies have employed to survive and even flourish during and beyond those challenging years:

  • Doing More with Less. Companies that thrive have learned to consolidate duties and removed redundancies and outdated practices. By focusing the workforce to produce more with less, they were able to trim costs and maintain a vital work environment, while reducing errors. Introducing Intelligent Drawing Analysis (IDA) DISCUS Auto Ballooning Error Proofing.
  • Reduce Costs with CMM-Avoid the Reporting Bottleneck According to Luis Santiago, Senior Supplier Quality Engineer and Auditor for WTP, LLC , “The emergence of CMM and DISCUS has been two of the greatest technological advances in the inspection industry without a doubt.”
  • Diversify, Diversify, Diversify—A New Avenue for Revenue – DoD’s needs for security, behind the firewall and Exporting to Customer’s proprietary templates.
  • Address your Current Customers’ Evolving Needs-Customers are increasing their demand for model-based requirements. Introducing DISCUS 3D

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