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Integrating QC Measurement Data into Manufacturing Systems

10/26/21 12:30 pm to 10/26/22 EDT
Contact: Meg M.

With IoT and Industry 4.0 being the omnipresent new paradigm in manufacturing, increasing the speed, amount, and accuracy of data generation is a critical necessity. Precision measurement data acquisition/ collection for quality control applications benefits significantly from wireless and mobile retrieval. Wireless Data Collection systems should be mobile, exceptionally robust with levels of encryption/ protection and suitable for multiple needs ranging from unrestricted distances and gage compatibility to ease of use and practical integration into automated manufacturing operations. Solutions should dramatically increase productivity, reduce errors, provide full documentation and automate the acquisition process.

This presentation will provide a comprehensive look into the very latest technology that manufacturers can reliably utilize to economically meet and exceed even the most challenging demands of today’s Quality Control measurement data acquisition requirements.

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