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Aliesha Anderson

Aliesha Anderson
Internal Training and Development Manager
ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions

Aliesha Anderson has worked at ZEISS for over nine years in various roles including Applications Engineer, Customer Education Manager and now Internal Training and Development Manager. Prior to ZEISS, she taught Physics and Mathematics overseas. Aliesha has a Bachelor’s in Physics, a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and Graduate Certification in Instructional Design.


Wednesday, October 23, 2:00pm - 2:30pm

Technical Learning in the Workplace: The Impact and Benefits of Digitalization
All major industries are facing many challenges in technology, processes and requirements, mainly caused by digitalization. When it comes to learning, digitalization is not only the trigger, but also the mechanism to meet these requirements. With the ever-widening skills gap and the need for more specialized skills in production and metrology, the demand for innovative and flexible learning has increased exponentially. Aliesha Anderson, ZEISS Internal Training and Development Manager, will discuss challenges in the current technical learning environment and illustrate the value of enabling skills development through guided learning paths and several digital training solutions.