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LEARNING THEATER PRESENTATION • October 26, 2021 • 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Using Competency Models to Drive Quality, Performance, and Competitiveness

Limited access to a talented workforce is impacting quality, production, innovation and growth, which affects not just companies but the competitiveness of our entire country. Some employers are using competency models – a structured system to develop the needed knowledge, skills and abilities for specific jobs – to provide a structured way to:

A well-designed competency framework, tied to business goals, becomes the foundation for performance management, talent acquisition and leadership development. Companies which start addressing this challenge today will retain a competitive advantage for years to come.

Dan Sloan

Dan Sloan
Strategic Partnerships Director
Tooling U-SME

Dan Sloan has been helping manufacturing, engineering, and industrial organizations overcome skills gaps and drive productivity with innovative learning solutions for 30 years. Dan first joined Tooling U-SME in 2005 and now serves as the company’s Strategic Partnerships Director. In addition to working with Boeing, Caterpillar, Ford, General Motors, Harley Davidson, John Deere and other multinational enterprises on their workforce development programs, Dan currently supports partnerships with the US Department of Defense, Manufacturing USA, and dozens of industry associations tasked with realizing the full potential Industry 4.0 to unleash the power of a smart, connected industrial manufacturing base. Prior to joining Tooling U-SME, Dan managed DePaul University’s Corporate Programs in Chicago, bridging Academia and Industry to solve critical workforce challenges. Dan’s passion and expertise helping organizations develop mission critical skills while leveraging emerging technologies leads him to share his experiences with industry leadership in Washington DC, and while speaking at human resources, manufacturing, and engineering conferences nationwide.