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Eric Gasper

Eric Gasper
Product Development Specialist
PQ Systems

Eric Gasper is Product Development Specialist for PQ Systems. Experience in laboratory and office environments has given him a unique perspective on a variety of technical problems as well as insight into customers’ unique challenges. Eric has published papers in a variety of professional journals and has led multiple seminars and workshops, and has presented on gage management and measurement systems analysis throughout North America.


Wednesday, October 23, 10:30am - 11:00am

Setting Calibration Intervals with Confidence
Measurement devices require regular calibrations to certify they are functioning correctly. An accurate and well-maintained gage ensures that operators make informed decisions based on the measurement results. Trusting the accuracy of measurement equipment is vital in any quality department. Yet, how we define “regular calibrations” can impact this trust. Calibrate too often, and it unnecessarily increases expenses, while calibrating too seldom raises the likelihood of missing an issue. Attendees will learn how to use a simple stability study to evaluate whether a calibration interval is appropriate for a gage.