Treb Quesinberry

Treb Quesinberry
Senior Application Engineer
Metrologic Group Services

Treb Graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech, and worked as Manufacturing Engineer for tier 1 automotive supplier, made improvements to manufacturing processes to increase productivity and modified tooling for new production parts. Managed Quality Operations for NASCAR Cup team that won multiple races and competed in the Chase for the Championship, utilized Metrologic’s inspection solutions to control fabricated chassis & suspension part variation, certify machined parts and position body panels. Currently work as a Senior Applications Engineer for Metrologic group for over 6 years supporting our customer base with training, hotline, programming and demos.


Wednesday, October 23, 11:40am - 12:10pm

Automated and Robotic Near-Line and In-Line 3D Inspection Solutions
Understand the importance that automated and robotic inspection plays in today’s manufacturing word and what the key ingredients are in order to make such a solution successful, accessible and one that provides true value for the end customer. Participants will discover how our Software products, Metrolog X4 I-Robot and Silma X4 I-Robot can be a true value added solution to resolve complex integration and day to day problems.