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Starrett - Precision Measurement Instrument and Advanced Measurement Instrument Certification Courses

Athol, MA, September 18, 2017 – The L.S. Starrett Company – Precision Measurement Instruments (PMI) and Advanced Measurement Instruments (AMI) Certification curriculum, teaching kits and training now available.

The goal of the PMI and AMI Certification courses is to provide students and technicians with a robust understanding of the fundamentals of measurement instruments and appropriate techniques. The PMI Certification course contains six independent modules, each contributing to a combined total of 32 hours of instruction in the following areas:

  • Tape and Rule Measurement
  • Slide Caliper Measurement
  • Gauge Measurement
  • Angle Measurement
  • Micrometer Measurement
  • Dial Gauge Measurement


The AMI Certification course contains seven modules and also consists of 32 hours of instruction in the following areas:

  • Primary Standards
  • Flexible Measuring Instruments
  • Support and Layout
  • Surface finish
  • Hardness
  • Data Acquisition
  • Optical Comparator

Enrollees in the course will use Starrett® measuring devices in a practical learning environment. Headquartered in Athol, Massachusetts, Starrett is a leading manufacturer of a variety of precision measuring instruments, including micrometers; calipers; rules; levels; electronic gages; dial indicators; force and material testers; optical and vision products; gage blocks and granite surface plates; and custom engineered products.

“Precision measurement is the cornerstone of quality in the vast array of products and services many people rely upon each day,” said Ira E. Friedman, Education Manager for the L.S. Starrett Company. “Technicians who are proficient in this discipline are essential to the success of organizations who work to meet the needs of the global marketplace. Starrett is proud to partner with leading technical colleges in America in this effort to make training and certification in precision measurement instruments and advanced measurement instruments available to students and instructors. These innovative certification programs enable students to broaden their technical skills while enhancing their employability.”

The certification training is a collaborative effort between Starrett, Snap-on and the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3), a network of education partners and corporations that support advances in workforce skills in the transportation, aviation, manufacturing, and energy sectors.

Additional Information about these programs can be received by contacting Ira Friedman or Bruce Guerin at 978.249.3551.


About the L.S. Starrett Company

The L. S. Starrett Company, founded in 1880, manufactures more than 5,000 variations of Precision Tools, Gages, Measuring Instruments and Saw Blades for industrial, professional and consumer markets worldwide. The broad Starrett product line includes precision measuring tools (micrometers, calipers, rules, etc.), levels, electronic gages, dial indicators, gage blocks and granite surface plates, force and material test equipment, optical and vision equipment, laser scanning equipment, and custom engineered products. Annual sales of the company are approximately $220 million and the company is traded publicly on the NYSE as SCX.

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