October 21-23, 2025
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
Rosemont, IL

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Kitov K-BOX Solution Brings Hybrid AI, 3D Imaging, and Intelligent Robotic Planning to Any Robotic-based Visual Inspection

K-BOX offers an optical head and APIs that connect Kitov software to virtually any standard or collaborative robot on the market, allowing customers to add advanced visual inspection capabilities to the robotic solution of their choice.

 Kitov K-BOX Solution

Israeli-based smart visual inspection company Kitov.ai is pleased to introduce its K-BOX line of cost-effective machine vision systems that combine AI, 3D imaging, and intelligent robotic planning technologies to solve manufacturing’s most demanding inspection applications at The Quality Show, Booth 812, October 24-26.

Kitov.ai’s K-BOX offers the same functionality as its Core+ solution. However, instead of shipping with an industrial robot, K-BOX offers APIs that connect Kitov software to virtually any standard or collaborative robot on the market, allowing customers to add advanced visual inspection capabilities to their existing robotic solutions. Customers have the choice of choosing the brand and the size of the robot according to their needs.

“K-BOX is part of Kitov.ai’s efforts to make powerful, deep-learning machine vision software available to every customer segment by focusing on the capabilities of integrated software rather than dedicated robot software,” said Aviel First, CEO. “With K-BOX, our customers can field hybrid machine vision systems without having to adapt to robotic platforms that may not be part of their in-house robotic specifications or expertise.”

K-BOX includes Kitov’s optical head as well as a processing unit that runs the Kitov Smart Planner software. The software capabilities cover 2D and 3D machine vision, AI, and deep learning. The Smart Planner software also incorporates the award-winning CAD2SCAN, which uses CAD files to define and plan the inspection for target parts automatically and supports the new QIF (Quality Information Framework) ISO standard.

Furthermore, Kitov.ai’s Smart Planner software integrates “semantic detectors,” custom algorithms designed for specific tasks such as comprehensive screw or fastener inspection, labels, and other common assignments. K-BOX joins Kitov.ai’s Core product line for automated visual inspection, including Kitov-Core, Kitov Core+, and Kitov-Inline.

Visit our website for more details about our products. Kitov.ai’s CAD2SCAN won the coveted VISION award during Stuttgart’s VISION conference last year. CAD2SCAN allows quality managers to define their inspection requirements directly on the part CAD model, simply and intuitively, saving weeks or even months compared to defining such inspection programs manually.

Kitov.ai innovative visual inspection systems are deployed into various market inspection applications, including high-end electronics, automotive, defense, aerospace, and medical devices. For more information, visit www.kitov.ai or email [email protected].

About Kitov.ai

Kitov.ai develops smart visual inspection solutions for a broad range of production lines and markets, including high-end electronics, automotive, medical devices, defense, and aerospace. Kitov.ai’s advanced technology helps manufacturers leverage the industry 4.0 revolution to drive smart manufacturing while dramatically improving quality, reducing manufacturing costs, and rapidly introducing new products.

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