Machining too many parts that don’t meet specifications means lost time, lost material and lost business.

But you can actually increase throughput and reduce error, all without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

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About the industry's current machining challenges and how 3D measurement technology can help overcome them How other manufacturers have implemented this technology and the results they have achieved from doing so.

How to get started with 3D measurement solutions in your own machining processes.

Leo Martinez

Leo Martinez

Leo has over 10 years of experience in industrial metrology and testing. He oversees the development of advanced 3D laser trackers, that help quality and production managers around the world improve their machining process.

FARO® offers industry-leading solutions and technologies to help you improve the production and quality control of your operation. If you’ve ever wondered how to incorporate 3D technology into your machining workflow, then please join us to learn about the tools at your disposal.

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