The wait is over! Minitab's latest release is here, packed with powerful new features powered by AI. Unleash the power of your data and solve problems faster and easier than ever—with the trusted accuracy Minitab has delivered for over 50 years.

Take a Deeper Dive into Minitab Statistical Software’s Latest Enhancements and Additions

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Watch our OnDemand webinar to watch Cheryl Pammer, Senior Advisory Statistician at Minitab, showcase the new statistical features, enriched visualizations, and enhanced AI capabilities available in Minitab Statistical Software. You will also discover how the latest release of Minitab Statistical Software can make your data analysis smarter, faster, and easier than ever. 

Watch Today:  What's New in Minitab Statistical Software: The Next Generation of Solutions Analytics

Available Now: Try an EMP Study

Say you are a cereal manufacturer. An EMP study can help you determine if the measurement system for filling the boxes is acceptable and how to improve the measurement system.

Learn more: The Evaluate the Measurement Process Study (EMP Study) in Minitab

White Paper: 4 New Methods to Improve 1-Proportion Testing

Discover four innovative methodologies integrated into Minitab that provide more accurate and reliable estimates of a single population proportion.

Learn More: 4 New Methods to Improve Your Estimation of a Single Population Proportion in Minitab

Video: Quality Reimagined

Quality pros, rejoice! Minitab's latest version automates analysis & boosts accuracy. Watch our video to see how the Quality experts at Minitab are setting a new standard of excellence.

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