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Mechanical and Non-Destructive Testing DVD


Product Details

This Mechanical & Non-Destructive Testing program explores Both mechanical and non-destructive tests used to gage the quality of materials and parts throughout the manufacturing process. Mechanical tests are used to gather specific performance or property values of materials for part design purposes and quality control. Non-destructive tests examine an object or material in a manner that does not impair it's future usefulness.

The Mechanical Testing segment highlights ASTM and ANSI testing standards, and testing specimens. Among the Mechanical tests featured are: the Brinell hardness test, Rockwell hardness test, tensile tests, compression tests, the Charpy impact test, the Izod impact test, fracture-toughness tests, fatigue tests, and creep tests.

The Non-Destructive Testing segment details visual inspection, liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle inspection, eddy-current testing, ultrasonic testing and radiographic testing.


length: 26 min

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