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Reverse Engineering: 3D Data Capture DVD


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Reverse Engineering offers more than a tool for copying designs. Part of the award-winning Manufacturing Insights video series, this program introduces you to a broad range of innovative applications, including visualization, documentation, design, analysis and inspection.

Written by industry expert Todd Grimm, Reverse Engineering: 3D Capture covers both laser and white light scanners and offers a discussion of their benefits as well as their limitations over portable and stationary CMMs.

Only SME can offer a video that will take you inside Roush Manufacturing, U.S. Army, Realadi, GKS Inspection Services and Direct Dimensions to provide practical applications for anyone that needs to capture the physical world in a 3D, digital form.

A complementary tool for designers, engineers, machinist, molders and quality inspectors, this program shows you how 3D data capture is applied. Hear real-world case studies from industry experts that illustrate:

  • How 3D digital data is collected
  • How full-size intricate designs can be created from less than one-half-sized models
  • How the U.S. Army reverse engineers biological defense equipment
  • How a fuselage from a Columbia Aircraft was reverse engineered to verify tooling
  • How the rear spoiler was made to fit the Roush Mustang and more!

length: 31 min

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