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RFID: Tool Tracking Solutions DVD


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Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) is used in a wide variety of applications to improve performance of manufacturing processes and to increase accuracy in the supply chain. This program, RFID: Tool Tracking Solutions, is part of the award-winning Manufacturing Insights video series and authored by technology expert Manuel A. Pachano.

You'll see the infrastructure and technology behind RFID as well as the real-world practical applications, challenges and advantages of using RFID to support quality and productivity. Four unique manufacturing companies are features to present how RFID helps to save money and ensure quality production, including:

Traxle Manufacturing where they demonstrate how RFID is used on precision tools to maintain and communicate activity history.

ABSKY’s use of RFID as a complimentary solution to maintain, restock their Maintenance, repair, and operating inventory (MRO) system.

Wittman Inc. and how RFID is incorporated on the end of a robotic tooling system to provide them with quick changeover and error-proof tooling.

NORDAM Group’s use of RFID to track data on high-value composite layup molds used for large aircraft interior and structural components.


length: 35 min

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