Juran Institute's Six Sigma Breakthrough and Beyond Quality Performance Breakthrough Methods

Juran Institute's Six Sigma Breakthrough and Beyond Quality Performance Breakthrough Methods


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Based on the Juran Institute’s breakthrough method, Juran’s Six Sigma: Breakthrough and Beyond goes beyond certification or implementation processes discussed in most six sigma texts to prepare an organization's managers -- at all levels -- to deal with the practical day-to-day human, structural, and technological issues which arise when initiating and maintaining a Six Sigma effort.

Juran's Six Sigma: Breakthrough and Beyond allows you to modify your program to suit your individual requirements. With this book, you get everything you need to improve and maintain Six-Sigma breakthrough performance long after the consultants have packed up and gone home.

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Joseph A. DeFeo, President and Chief Executive Officer of Juran Institute, is recognized for his training and consulting expertise in sustaining breakthrough improvements within many different organizations worldwide. He has been instrumental in progressing the subject of Breakthrough Improvement by focusing on the needs of today's contemporary and demanding industries. He is considered a knowledge expert on the Management of Quality, Business Process Management, Six Sigma Deployment, Strategic Quality Planning, and supportive methodologies. He is a regular speaker at national conferences and his counsel has been published widely in national and international publications.


William W. Barnard, PhD. is a Senior Vice President at Juran Institute. Bill advises and assists management in industries such as health care, universities, and government ministries, emphasizing how to implement managing for quality. He has represented Juran Institute in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific and has orgiinated the Institute's Facilitator Training courses.


The Juran Institute provides training and consulting services to help organizations worldwide achieve sustainable breakthrough improvements. Dr. Joseph M. Juran, a pioneer in the quality revolution who developed many of the techniques and tools on which the Six Sigma methodology is based, founded the Insitute in 1979. Apart from Six Sigma, the Institute's areas of expertise include breakthrough improvement, strategic deployment, benchmarking and lean manufacturing. Juran Institute is headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut, and has European offices in Amsterdam and Madrid. For more information, vist www.juran.com.


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"All in all, a welcome contribution to a vital human activity -- managing for quality." 
-- From the Foreword by Joseph M. Juran

SUSTAINING BUSINESS PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT After many efforts to improve the performance of your organization, and now that the consultants have gone, how do you maintain your Six Sigma momentum? How do you keep performance-improvement teams on the cutting edge? How do you continue to achieve breakthroughs and remove the entrenched roadblocks within your organization? How can you ensure that Six Sigma breakthroughs you worked so hard to achieve continue to move forward?

Juran Institute’s Six Sigma: Breakthrough and Beyond presents the Juran Institute’s time-perfected methods for locking in a culture based on continuous performance improvement. 
* Research and time-based experience that will provide answers to your most frequently asked questions about change processes and what makes them sustainable 
* Continuously improve performance in leadership, strategy, organization, cycle times, new product development speed, quality control, culture, adaptability, and more 
* Make rapid progress with proven Juran methods 
* Solve stubborn difficulties by adapting the lessons learned from other organizations 
* Learn Dr. Joseph M. Juran’s own "Lessons of a Lifetime," set forth throughout and in the Foreword



Would you like to be leader of an organization that can become a master at dealing with the climate of continual, unpredictable change that is affecting today’s business environment?

Do you want to face unrelenting competition with supreme confidence?

Do you demand ongoing improvements in the product development time cycle? Insist upon continuing reductions in production delays, cost overruns, and defects?

Juran Institute’s Six Sigma: Breakthrough and Beyond provides the tools to achieve these results, not only now but throughout the years ahead. This book presents the Juran Institute’s own plan for sustaining improvement across the organization, to ensure that your most recent attempts to achieve breakthrough have ended and certification has been gained.

The first Six Sigma book to incorporate the full philosophy and methodology of the Juran Institute, Juran Institute’s Six Sigmaincludes performance-improving applications based on the Juran Trilogy of Planning Processes, Control Processes, and, and systematically achieving Breakthrough Processes.

Practical and bottom-line conscious, these Juran methods and strategies are enhanced by real world studies from Juran business clients. Juran Institute’s Six Sigma can become your handbook for change and a friend for business survival and renewal. It can provide: 
* Solutions to frequently seen chronic cultural problems that cross multiple functions in an organization 
* Examples of common bottlenecks and how to remove them 
* Improvement, implementation, and strategies for all levels of management

The Juran Institute has helped companies around the globe successfully reshape their management processes. With this book, they can help you achieve the same sustainable bottom line results.

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