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Kaizen in Logistics and Supply Chains


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Learn to create world-class logistics and supply chains in any industry using kaizen's seven main principles

At a time when businesses are restructuring to become more competitive, many seek a road map to improve their operations.Kaizen in Logistics and Supply Chains is at the forefront of this journey--and can point you in the right direction to help your company in implementing innovative production and logistics systems and changing its culture for the better.

Based on the themes of Masaaki Imai's bestseller, Gemba Kaizen, considered the "bible" of the quality/management movement, this new work provides the first highly detailed explanation of how to create world-class logistics and supply chains regardless of industry. It includes more than 200 photographs, flow diagrams, value stream maps, and tables--and features a case study that illustrates how a company became more competitive by successfully implementing kaizen principles. There's never been a better guide to lead your company's quest for improvement.


  • Explanation of how the seven main kaizen principles can be applied to transform world-class logistics and worldwide supply chains
  • Prerequisites for implementing these systems, including stabilization and change management activities
  • Concrete steps to implementing kanban systems, internal and external logistics loops, design flow production lines, and supermarket systems
  • Detailed real-world case study to illustrate successful implementation of the book's theories, and scorecards so readers can evaluate their progress in practice
  • Foreword by Masaaki Imai, Founder and Chairman of the Kaizen Institute, and author of the bestseller Gemba Kaizen



Table of contents

Part I: Introduction to Kaizen in Logistics and Supply Chains
Ch 1: Total Flow Management: Kaizen and Pull Flow
Ch 2: The No Kaizen, No Pull, No Flow: Life of Company A
Ch 3: The Pulse of High Performance: Pull Logistic Loops & Customer Takt

Part II: The Dynamics of the Total Flow Management Model
Ch 4: Kaizen Reliability: Creating Change Capability / Basic Reliability
Ch 5: Lean Production Flow: Introduction and Line Layout Design
Introduction to Production Flow; Line Layout and Design
Ch 6: Lean Production Flow: Border of Line and Standard Work
Border of Line; Standard Work
Ch 7: Lean Production Flow: SMED Flexibility and Low Cost Automation
SMED; "LCA – Low Cost Automation"
Ch 8: Lean Internal Logistics Flow
Ch 9: Lean Internal Logistics Flow: Mizusumashi and Synchronization
Ch 10: Lean Internal Logistics Flow: Leveling and Production Pull Planning
Leveling; Production Pull Planning
Ch 11: Lean External Logistics Flow: Introduction and Warehouse Design
Ch 12: Lean External Logistics Flow
Ch 13: Lean External Logistics Flow: Deliver Flows and Logistics Pull Planning

Part III: How to Implement Total Flow Management
Ch 14: Facing the Truth: Analyzing the Current State of the Supply Chain
Ch 15: Establishing the Vision: Designing the Kaizen Pull Flow Supply Chain
Ch 16: Taking Action: The Power of the Kaizen Way
Ch 17: The Kaizen Pull Flow Life of Company A

Appendix A - Calculations for Transport Kanban Loops
Appendix B - Calculations for Production Kanban Loops
Appendix C - Examples of Production Pull Planning Algorithms
Appendix D -
Basic Reliability Scorecards
Production Flow Scorecards
Internal Logistics Flow Scorecards
External Logistics Flow Scorecards

Author comments


Euclides Coimbra is a Managing Director of Kaizen Institute Iberia and was a student of Masaaki Imai, having spent the last 25 years of his career in the supply chain consulting field, and 14 years with the Kaizen Institute. He is a leading authority in the design of supply chain and logistics systems, having lead international consulting project teams at Nestle, Volvo, Rusal, Bosch and many other companies.



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