Manufacturing Engineering Handbook

Manufacturing Engineering Handbook


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Let our teams of experts help you to stay competitive in a global marketplace. It is every company's goal to build the highest quality goods at the lowest price in the shortest time possible. With theManufacturing Engineering Handbook you'll have access to information on conventional and modern manufacturing processes and operations management that you didn't have before.

For example, if you are a manufacturing engineer responding to a request for proposal (RFP), you will find everything you need for estimating manufacturing cost, labor cost and overall production cost by turning to chapter 2, section 2.5, the manufacturing estimating section. The handbook will even outline the various manufacturing processes for you.

If you are a plant engineer working in an automotive factory and find yourself in the hot working portion of the plant, you should look up section 6 on hot work and forging processing. You will find it very useful for learning the machines and processes to get the job done. Likewise, if you are a Design Engineer and need information regarding hydraulics, generators & transformers, turn to chapter 3, section 3.2.3, and you’ll find generators & transformers.

Covering topics from engineering mathematics to warehouse management systems, Manufacturing Engineering Handbook is the most comprehensive single-source guide to Manufacturing Engineering ever published.


Table of contents

Section One: Business ManagementSection Two: Product Development and DesignSection Three: Manufacturing and Automation and TechnologiesSection Four: Heating Treating, Hot Work, and MetalformingSection Five: Metal Working and Machine DesignSection Six: Surface Preparation and CoatingSection Seven: Robotics, Machine Vision and AssemblingSection Eight: Manufacturing Management


Author comments

Hwaiyu Geng, CMfgE, PE, is a Project Manager in Corporate Project Planning and Management at Hewlett-Packard Company, Palo Alto, California. While in charge of planning and implementing Hewlett-Packard’s $51-million inkjet plant in Shanghai, China, he charted and directed the design, construction, and manufacturing plan, and completed the installation and startup of the manufacturing plant. Also, as Hewlett-Packard's Seismic Program Manager, Mr. Geng established safety and quality control procedures for the corporation's seismic assurance and mitigation projects in Shanghai and elsewhere.


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It is every company's goal to build the highest quality goods at the lowest price in the shortest time possible. The Manufacturing Engineering Handbook provides all the information needed to optimize the design of manufacturing processes.


This book includes conventional metalworking plus the latest manufacturing and automation technologies, including: 

* Hot working 
* Metalforming 
* Moldmaking 
* Machine design 
* Robotics 
* Machine vision 
* Surface preparation 
* Lean manufacturing 
* Supply chain material control 
* Productive Maintenance 
* Much more

Written by a team of international experts, the Manufacturing Engineering Handbook details both conventional and emerging manufacturing tools and processes, covering crucial manufacturing issues like new product development, improving manufacturing yield, implementing automated production facilities, and establishing quality and safety programs.

Each chapter in this handbook includes the fundamentals of relevant technology and its industrial application; operational considerations for planning, implementing, and controlling manufacturing processes; and a list of relevant books, technical papers, and websites for additional reading. This inclusive, wide-ranging approach makes theManufacturing Engineering Handbook the most comprehensive single-volume reference ever published in the field.

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