Streamlined Process Improvement

Streamlined Process Improvement


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“The Business Process Improvement methodology established by Dr. H. James Harrington and his group brings revolutionary improvement not only in quality of products and services, but also in the business processes.”
—Professor Yoshio Kondo

The Book That Goes Beyond Six Sigma and Lean . . . The Next Evolutionary Step in Business Process Management

“Don’t design for Six Sigma—design for maximum performance.”
H. James Harrington

How would you like to streamline your operations, lower your costs, improve your quality, and increase your profits—all at the same time?

It’s not an impossible dream. It’s the next evolutionary breakthrough in process improvement that goes beyond Process Reengineering, TRIZ, Six Sigma, and Lean to deliver actual, quantifiable results. And now it’s yours.

Streamlined Process Improvement (SPI) is the powerful new program developed by H. James Harrington. After 40 years of improving processes for IBM, Ernst & Young, the Chinese government, and many other private and governmental organizations, Harrington has become the go-to leader in the field. His revolutionary guide shows you how to:

  • Discover the latest process tools—to make faster, more dramatic improvements using the revolutionary PASIC improvement methodology
  • Use walk-through questionnaires and checklists—to streamline your job, resulting in optimum value to your stakeholders
  • Use the newest methodologies—including simulation modeling, risk analysis, Five Ss, Process Innovation, Information Technology, Lean, and Six Sigma—to take your business to the next level
  • Increase innovation—to drive growth and profits for many years to come

Harrington’s groundbreaking system is organized and explained step by step to help you achieve maximum results with a minimum of stress. His simple PASIC approach shows you how to Plan, Analyze, Streamline, Implement, and Continuously Improve throughout the entire process.

He walks you through the basics of how to analyze each process, how to decide which to focus on first, and how to prepare for organizational change. You’ll be surprised by just how quickly you can make things run more efficiently and effectively.

With Harrington’s proven techniques, you can sell your products and services at a lower price, satisfy your customers, make work more enjoyable for your employees, and still earn greater profits than your competitors.

This powerful process guide is the definitive handbook for operations managers, quality consultants, Six Sigma practitioners, knowledge workers, and Lean thinkers for a new generation.


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H. James Harrington, Ph.D., is CEO of the Harrington Institute, an international consulting firm providing a full range of services, including management, technology, education, e-learning, and knowledge solutions. He serves on the board of directors of a number of national and international companies and is a former president of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the International Academy for Quality (IAQ). He has authored more than 35 books, including Business Process Improvement, and developed 11 software packages. He writes columns for Quality ReviewCost Management,TQM Magazine, and News for a Change. He was named an ambassador of goodwill by former President Clinton.

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Six Sigma can reduce process variation, but it doesn’t account for process improvements. Lean is effective, but it fails to address the need for major improvements in key processes. Both of these failed to use modern IT as part of their improvement methodologies. Now, renowned consultant and former ASQ president, international quality advisor to E&Y, and quality advisor to the Chinese Quality Association, H. James Harrington provides the solution—a revolutionary step-by-step method for streamlining and improving business processes that can:

  • Cut cost and cycle time by 60 percent
  • Improve customer and employee satisfaction
  • Boost quality by 100 percent
  • Analyze, streamline, and refine key processes more quickly and efficiently than ever before

Filled with checklists, questionnaires, and key process tools, this book is designed to help you streamline your systems—and to continue to improve—using a refined combination of the most effective methods available. It’s all you need to be leaner, meaner, and significantly more profitable for years to come.



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