Athol, MA (June 10, 2016) – Starrett Kinemetric Engineering, Inc., a subsidiary of the L.S. Starrett Co., announces the HDV500 digital comparator that combines the features of a vision metrology system and a floor-standing optical comparator.  The Starrett HDV500 includes a high-resolution digital video camera and is available with a choice of 3 Telecentric lenses with magnifications that provide micron-level resolution and minimal optical distortion for accurate field-of-view (FOV) up to 80mm.

The Starrett HDV500 provides a 42” LCD monitor, 32” x 8” top plate, 500mm (20”) x-axis table travel, 200mm (8”) vertical travel with three-axis CNC power drive for larger part capacity and enhanced performance. The main operator interface displays a live video image and measurement tools and graphical digital readings of measurements. A part image can be resized using pan and zoom and measurements taken by simply tapping a feature on the monitor screen.  An environmentally sealed keyboard and a pointing device are also provided for the purposes of entering file names and targeting key functions. MetLogix M3 software includes 2D geometric functions including points, lines, circles, arcs, rectangles, distances, slots angles and skew, and utilizing the part design DXF/CAD file digital overlay makes part inspection simple. Optional Profile Fitting software provides enhanced form measurement capability.

The HDV500 video based measurement system by Starrett is a rugged, innovative system that blends the power of the Optical Comparator with the power of digital video, hi-resolution cameras, telecentric optics and LED illumination.  Equally effective on the manufacturing floor as well as the Quality lab. The structure of the design allows for work handling, part fixturing and an operator interface typical of an Optical Comparator with digital technology to measure parts in a progressive and practical way.


About Starrett Kinemetric Engineering, Inc.

Based in Laguna Hills, CA, Starrett Kinemetric Engineering, Inc. is a subsidiary of the L.S. Starrett Company known for the design and manufacture of standard and custom precision video-based measurement systems and optical comparators. Products are backed by application analysis, training, and on-site calibration services.