Dimensional Control Systems (DCS) is exhibiting with booth#1936 at The Quality Show in Rosemont, Illinois, just outside Chicago at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center October 22nd to the 24th, 2019.

QDM SPC is a modular system of Statistical Process Control (SPC) tools designed to provide instant visibility into production quality. By centralizing measurement data and making it accessible to stakeholders and users, QDM provides instant access to information when it is needed. Utilizing an inherent connection to CAD and tolerance analysis software, QDM can be used to configure CMM and inspection to correlate to CAD in order to provide groundwork for powerful root cause analysis and predictive quality optimization. As a web accessible system, QDM gives access to users and managers wherever they are, giving them up-to-the minute updates on quality metrics and measurements through dashboards, and alerting the team to any parts that trend towards specification limits.

DCS is proud to showcase a live QDM machine shop system at The Quality Show, showcasing its ability to create a Digital Twin of the quality process and provide tools at both the plant floor and the manager level to catch quality issues as they begin to develop, and to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

“From a quality perspective, what we’ve been doing with measurement data analysis and monitoring is really a digital twin of the quality process that has been going on for years,” Don Jasurda, DCS Vice President says. “It is now practical to do that with the plant, all their equipment, plant structure, and layout. They want digital twins of everything to make effective use in the same way people have been using digital representations of quality results for years.”

Quality Intelligence combines QDM SPC capabilities with 3DCS predictive simulation, creating a streamlined process from design to manufacturing that supports effective communication and coordinated quality control. This closed-loop system has been successfully implemented across a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical device, electronics, energy, and consumer products.

“Quality Intelligence monitors inspection data from the plant floor and converts it to a dashboard that does predictive analysis,” Thagu Vivek, QDM Product Manager at DCS explains. “It predicts when the process is going to go out of control and can immediately alert the user,” he says. For example, imagine an assembly line that is making pins and the size of those pins are being examined for consistent size. If the size of the pins changes, Quality Intelligence can notify personnel.

DCS will be an exhibitor at The Quality Show booth#1936 with a showcase to demonstrate Quality Intelligence to attendees and industry professionals. For more information, visit DCS on the web at www.3dcs.com/dcs-quality-solution-closed-loop-quality.

About DCS
DCS has been supporting quality management in industries including automotive, aerospace, medical device, electronics and industrial machinery for over 20 years. DCS solutions are used daily by companies like Airbus, BMW, FCA, LG, Nissan, Phillips, Sony, Textron Aviation and VW. By applying DCS's 3D Model Based environment for Predictive Variation Analysis and Responsive SPC, manufacturers have reduced quality costs related to yield, scrap, rework and warranty issues. Read more at www.3dcs.com.