The GOM ScanCobot provides an affordable solution to automation investment, making advanced 3D measurement technology accessible to companies of all sizes. The mobile automated 3D scanning solution integrates with GOM’s ATOS Q blue light 3D scanner providing a gateway to Digital Twin, digital engineering, rapid manufacturing, Quality 4.0, and automation strategies. Engineered to increase efficiency in the quality control of small to medium-sized parts, including plastics, metal, and casting, the GOM ScanCobot and ATOS Q combination digitizes the full surface of additively manufactured parts to deliver high-quality meshes. The GOM ScanCobot comes with GOM’s intelligent software, allowing users to create efficient automation routines that produce precise, accurate, and repeatable measurement results without any prior knowledge about robotics programming required, making the system an easy entry into automated inspections.

About Capture 3D, Inc.   
Capture 3D is the leading provider of innovative 3D measurement solutions in the United States, helping companies solve engineering challenges, save time, minimize costs, and improve their overall time to market strategy. As the official U.S. partner of GOM GmbH, a ZEISS company, Capture 3D combines vast industry expertise with robust technology to change the way people think about and experience measurement.