Quality Newsletter - Volume 2, Number 3

Turning system-editor's choice

The Valturn Progrip turning system has seven grades and 14 top-form geometries for turning cast iron, steels, stainless steels, aluminum and high-temperature alloys. The product has an interchangeable tool holder system, which allows the same tool holder shank to be used for carbide, ceramic or CBN insert designs. The tool holder line is available in 98 insert and lead-angle shank styles.

Valenite Inc.
(248) 541-0551

Pneumatic deburring tool

The Flexdeburr 340 is a radially compliant tool that satisfies many robotic and automated deburring applications. The product has an air-turbine motor and spindle arrangement, designed for removing flash and parting lines on die cast parts. It is a part of the Speedeburr machining tool product line.

ATI Industrial Automation
(609) 652-6004

Interferometer avoids target damage

The white light interferometer (WLI) is an optical measurement system that measures surface topography without contact. The WLI measures surface profile, roughness, step height and microstructure. The system includes a compact microscope-type head, a stable stand with X, Y stages and related software.

Metrology Resource Co.
(800) 660-2680

Measurement and reporting software

The PC-DMIS Gear measurement software works with any coordinate measuring machine. The software has gear-specific tools including rules-driven forms, wizards and pre-defined routines. The product automates spur and helical-gear measurements with a set of built-in report formats. It supports touch-trigger probes on both fixed and rotary heads, and also scanning with analog probes.

Wilcox Associates Inc.
(847) 343-3599

Dual-spectrum camera

The Visible-InGaAs miniature camera is a dual-wavelength range camera that has simultaneous visible and short-wave infrared capabilities. The camera weighs less than 11 ounces, without the lens, and has a pixel array of 320 by 240 with a 40-micron pitch. The product delivers a 12-bit digital RS-422 output and EIA-170 analog video output for display on commercial television monitors.

Sensors Unlimited Inc.
(609) 520-0610

Mass spectrometer

The HiQuad quadrupole mass spectrometer has Quadera software and is designed for applications such as surface science, plasma research, isotope ratio MS and trace gas analysis. The device has measurement speeds up to 0.125 millisecond per atomic mass unit and a dynamic range of 10 orders of magnitude. The measurement product has a built-in Web server for remote operation and Ethernet and USB capabilities for computer connectivity.

Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc.
(603) 578-6500