Pin chuck-Editor's choice

The dial indicator pin chuck is an inspection aid for hold and slot depth measuring. The product uses inspection gage pins ranging from 0.010 to 0.135 inch as indicator points. The pin chuck adds 0.90 inch to the indicator stem length and has a standard 4-48 thread.

H.G. Cockrill Corp.
(800) 770-8517

CMM accessories

Coordinate measuring machine accessories and styli are available in lightweight aluminum 7075, including cubes, double cubes, cube stars, disc probes, extensions, adapters and knuckles. Styli feature ruby balls of grade 10 or better. Many styli are available with either drilled or undrilled ruby balls.

Paul W. Marino Gages Inc.
(586) 759-2400

Laser sensor head

The Class II, 3r and Class IIIb Selcom SLS 2401 provide accurate measurement in a tight work envelope requiring a faster sampling rate, higher resolution and higher speed profile of problematic areas. The sensor has a measuring range of 20 millimeters or 50 millimeters, depending on the model selected, and a standoff distance of 50 or 80 millimeters. Accuracy is ±0.1 of the measurement range and a sample rate of 16 kilohertz. Spot size is 0.055 or 0.090 millimeters. A visible laser diode provides easy setup and safety.

LMI Technologies Inc.
(248) 359-2409

Force measurement test stand

The TSF, manually operated force measurement test stand, is ideal for material testing, spring testing and product integrity testing. The stand can test up to 1,000 pounds of force and measures 32 by 10 by 9.5 inches. The movable table has tapped holes for fixture mounting.

Mark-10 Corp.
(888) 627-5836

Diameter measurement tape

Diameter measurement tapes are available in inches or millimeters and yield a diameter reading accurate to 0.001 inch. The product line includes direct outside and inside diameter measuring tapes, go/no-go tapes, linear tapes and O-ring tapes. Custom tapes such as wide, narrow, special length and special markings are also available.

Pi Tape Corp.
(866) 474-8273

Machine vision system

The upgraded EZVision 12X machine vision system is a PC-based inspection system that operates on Windows NT/98/2000. The product can be used for applications such as label, cap and package inspection, assembly or kit verification, mold or die clear inspection, and measuring and gaging parts. The system supports up to four cameras and results can be exported to applications, such as Microsoft Excel, for additional evaluation.

Cincinnati Automation Ltd.
(859) 371-5070

CAD-based software

The Calypso 4.0 version of computer-aided-design (CAD) programming software has the ability to self-center scan a spline and create a cylinder for use as a datum. The coordinate measuring machine (CMM) software also has a navigator check, which allows operators to view CMM end position, outer clearance panels, magazine with stylus systems and rotary table on the CAD screen. Users can control clearance planes relative to the base alignment, machine system or secondary alignments.

Carl Zeiss IMT Corp.
(800) 752-6181