Analyzer-editor's choice

A portable X-ray tube-based analyzer has the ability to incorporate metal alloy, plastics, contaminated soils, mining, precious metals and prohibited materials applications on one instrument. The XLt analyzer includes the latest version of Niton's NDT software, 4.0, and a programmable excitation by regulating filter energy current time-focused excitation system. These components enable the analyzer to support up to six different modes.

Niton LLC
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Machine mounts

Designed for equipment that does not require floor fastening including automatic lathes, grinding machines, injection molding machines, and drilling and milling machines, the M-Series machine mounts can handle loads from 100 to 12,000 pounds and feature a built-in leveling bolt.

The mounts provide direct leveling and insulate machinery against the adverse effects of structure-born noise. The mounts are specially designed with the use of finite element method analysis to prevent material fatigue from fast working cycle times, high shear loads and strong lateral forces in heavy machinery.

Sunnex Inc.
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Gage amplifier

The Gage Chek is easy to view and operate, with simple programmable gaging routines and flexible display options. The 6-inch LCD display panel features easy-to-read digital read-out or analog formats in either dial, vertical or horizontal bars, enhanced with color cues for indicating go/no-go measurement. Gage values such as pass/fail data for critical part dimensions or statistical process control charts and histograms can be viewed in real time. Audio cues notify users of in-process, out-of-tolerance and error situations. The unit provides up to eight probe inputs and two outside relay outputs.

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Linear position sensor

This analog absolute linear position sensor uses magnetoinductive technology to provide accurate, absolute position feedback. Mini proportioned and optimized for precision positioning at shorter displacements, the BIL allows existing motion control systems to be upgraded from end-of-stroke to the flexibility of continuous position feedback. Available in 95- and 230-millimeter lengths, the unit fits into tight places. Its pure-analog output provides theoretically infinite resolution (noise limited), with linearity of <±1% of full scale and repeatability of <±0.1% of full scale. Linearized measuring lengths for the two sizes are 50 millimeters and 160 millimeters, respectively. Voltage and current-output versions are available.

Balluff Inc.
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Laser point cloud software

A laser point cloud processing option is available within Capps inspection software. This module allows importing millions of point cloud data into the inspection environment. Point cloud data can be measured to calculate geometric features, coordinate systems, and dimensioning and tolerancing calculations, creating inspection reports similar to ones from measurement machines. Data can also be compared to CAD mathematical models.

Applied Automation Technologies Inc.
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Inspection software

PowerINSPECT can be used with all types of inspection hardware including manual and computer numerical control coordinate measuring machines (CNC CMMs), portable arms, optical measuring devices and CNC machine tools. The learning curve is short, allowing the operator to get the most from the measuring device in the shortest possible time. Onscreen feedback and detailed graphical displays give immediate feedback for each measured point. Inspection reports can be generated automatically in a customized format to include pictorial, tabulated and statistical data.

Delcam International Inc.
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Industrial computer

The E9066T compact, thin-panel industrial computer has been designed to satisfy space-constricted applications without compromising features and functionality of a complete industrial PC. Applications include data collection, industrial control and production/factory automation. Because of its reduced footprint, the unit is suitable for bench-top, panel mount, wall-mount and swing-arm applications. The computer measures 1.77 inches in depth, weighs 13 pounds and has a 15-inch active matrix LCD, built-in Ethernet port, two USB ports and all standard computer interface ports. An optional touch screen is available. In addition to the standard panel mount, options for a cabinet and free-standing pedestal, swing-arm and DIN rail mounting are available.

Marposs Corp.
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Twin-spindle machining center

Designed for multiple part fixturing, the machines-MCT 160 and MCT 250-have a dedicated B axis for each spindle, allowing simultaneous machining on four sides of two different parts, and time-saving twin automatic toolchangers. The shared X-axis is integrated into the column and the shared Y-axis is a vertical slide. The independent ram-style Z-axes are integrated in the Y-slide. The working envelope for each MCT spindle in X-Y-Z is 450 millimeters by 450 millimeters by 450 millimeters and accommodates a maximum part diameter of 450 millimeters and a maximum part height of 600 millimeters from pallet surface. Z-axis rams do not interfere with the working area.

Heller Machine Tools
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Machine control system

The FlashCNC machine control system combines open architecture software, compact hardware and a digital machine interface. The package allows hardware, software and peripheral components to be upgraded without re-engineering existing machine logic. The system includes an energy-efficient processor, 15-inch TFT XGA color flat panel touch screen, machine interface components, single power cable, and preinstalled OpenCNC or WinMotion machine control software.

Manufacturing Data Systems Inc.
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Modular fixturing

XTensions are lightweight aluminum extrusions used along with standard Rayco components for building a setup vertically or creating a support structure to fixture a part. The components are available in standard lengths from 6 inches to 60 inches to accommodate parts vertically. Custom lengths are available. Set up is simple with minimal tools needed to produce a rigid fixture with unrestricted probe paths.

R&R Sales and Engineering
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