The ND 500 Digital Readout (DRO) Series and accompanying LS linear scales are available to both machine manufacturers and shop owners who want to replace or retrofit on-floor machinery. The DROs come in two variants: the ND 522 (two axis) and the ND 523 (three axis). The DROs have a metal housing, membrane keyboard and an LCD screen (with multilingual software for both milling and turning). Hard keys provide direct access to the most important functions. Both scales were developed for use with the DROs. They connect to the DROs and have an accuracy grade of ±10 micrometers and have TTL output. The LS 328C is available with measuring lengths from 70 to 1,240 millimeters. The available lengths for the LS 628C are 170 to 3,040 millimeters. These products also are available as retrokits that include all brackets and cables required to fit most milling machines and lathes.