The high-precision micromanipulator stage MT 130-50-DC is manufactured from high-strength anodized aluminum. The standard table offers travel of 50 millimeters with positioning accuracy of 10 micrometers, straightness/flatness runnout of ±1 micrometer and repeatability of ±1 micrometer. It has a square footprint of 130 by 130 millimeters, height of 43 millimeters and weighs 9 kilograms.

It has preloaded cross roller bearings, precision ground ball screw, limit switches and integrated DC motor with rotary encoder. This product can be provided as an XY stage and also can be configured as an XYZ system. Motors, encoders and cabling are all hidden inside the table’s body. Motor, limit switch and encoder interface are via SUB-D connectors located in a single area.

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