BARRINGTON, NJ - Now online, Edmund Optics (EO) latest 412-page Master Source Book (Americas Edition) containing more than 16,900 innovative optical components, new products and technical primers, has been launched as a fully-linked interactive digital catalog.The new online version replicates the "look and feel" of the printed catalog, complete with animated page turning.

The complete Digital Catalog can be found at

Enhanced searching allows the user to quickly search for optical components by keywords. Results are shown with page numbers and categories listed for all possible matches. When clicking on the page number, an animated red arrow appears pointing to the chosen product in the catalog's main window. All stock numbers are hyperlinked to the equivalent EO webpage where users can add the product to the shopping cart.

Navigation is simplified either by accessing the Table of Contents and clicking on a specific section such as New Products or Optical Primers, or by clicking on a specific product in the search window. An animated page flip allows the viewer to "thumb through the catalog," while a convenient slider bar at the top menu lets the viewer navigate quickly to a specific page number.

For those accustomed to using "sticky notes," a yellow sticky note can be added to a specific page for the viewer to note questions or thoughts for later review.The viewer simply clicks on the icon, jots down his or her notes, and a yellow tab appears on the side of the page where the note is waiting. The tool bar features buttons that allow for adjusting the page zoom, printing one or more pages, jumping to a desired page, emailing a friend or colleague, or creating a desktop shortcut icon for quick catalog access.