CAMARILLO, CA-Surfware Inc., developer of Surfcam Velocity CAD/CAM systems powered by TrueMill, has announced the three winners of the Surfcam Gallery contest. All contestants’ entries now can be seen on theSurfcam Gallery.

  • First prize – Ludek Solc, Fonak - Harley Davidson frame
  • Second prize – John Welden, Welden Design - titanium engagement ring
  • Third prize – Salvador Aguillon, Creative Teknololgies - Lexus model car frame

    “The Surfcam Gallery contest proved the versatility and breadth of our Surfcam Velocity product line,” says Stephen A. Diehl, president and CEO of Surfware. “We have customers using TrueMill to create the smallest parts in titanium and customers using Surfcam to create a range of parts from boating to automotive to aerospace. The proof is in the wonderful products our customers produce as well as their positive feedback.”

    “I use Surfcam and TrueMill for machining hardened steels where I’m using high cutting speeds with shallow cutting depths in Z axis,” says Ludek Solc, first prize winner. “Surfcam has helped me every time to solve every practical problem and challenge I have faced. Surfcam is how we can offer the best quality in the shortest time, and this has proved very helpful to beat the competition. Our company is well known for the quality of our work.”

    “People would be insane not to use TrueMill on small medical parts involving titanium, which-besides jewelry design-is the main hat I wear,” says John Welden, second prize winner. “TrueMill is so much better. With Truemill you can decide exactly how much engagement angle you’d like. When using tiny end mills this is invaluable. It’s the only way to go with confidence and speed.”

    “Surfcam is really capable,” says Salvador Aguillon, third place winner. “We’ve done everything from intricate aerospace parts to art pieces. We worked with an artist to recreate a real cloud and covered it with titanium sheets. Most of our projects have been really challenging, and there has not been one that we have not been able to do perfectly with Surfcam.”

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