OXFORD, UNITED KINGDOM-Oxford Instruments, provider of high-technology tools, has been added to the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) Environmental Opportunities Index, which identifies companies that are involved in low carbon related activities.

To make the list, companies must have significant involvement in environmental business activities and must generate at least 20% of revenues from environment related markets. This includes renewable and alternative energy, energy efficiency and waste and pollution control. The list comprises 472 companies from around the world. Oxford Instruments has been named among the 30 British companies on the list.

Today Oxford Instruments is providing equipment to the developers of photovoltaic devices who are seeking to produce cost effective solutions for turning sunlight into electricity. It is also working with international agencies on the ITER program, which seeks to develop a technology that will allow the production of large quantities of carbon free energy. High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes offer the possibility of lighting, which is so efficient that if adopted widely would make significant cuts in worldwide CO2emissions. Oxford Instruments’ equipment is being used in their development.

Further more, the company’s hand-held analyzers are being used to detect heavy metal pollution.

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