The SLP-500 is a 3-D laser scanning probe with a laser line length of 50 millimeters and an accuracy of up to 20 microns, primarily used for mid- to large-sized objects such as molds, stampings and sheet metal. The laser probe can be used with the company’s fully integrated WS-Series and DS-Series lines of coordinate measuring machine (CMM)-based scanning systems as well as with other portable CMMs.

In response to the needs of the automotive, aerospace, automobile and other industries that work with parts that may bend or warp when repositioned, the probes can be fully integrated with portable seven-axis articulated CMMs. By using a portable arm, the flexible part can remain stationary while the laser probe moves around it to capture the as-built geometry. The laser probe also can be integrated with the Renishaw PH10 indexing system used on many CMMs.

Laser Design
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