DENVER, CO- Qualmark Corp., a provider of Highly Accelerated Life Test/Highly Accelerated Stress Screen (HALT/HASS) products and services, has announced agreements with Taylor-Wharton and Midwest Cryogenics.

Qualmark has signed agreements with leading cryogenic storage provider, Taylor-Wharton, and vacuum jacketed (VJ) pipe manufacturer, Midwest Cryogenics, to provide customers with one point of contact for all of their HALT/HASS needs, including LN2 infrastructure.

Taylor-Wharton is one of the largest providers of cryogenic tanks in the world with manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia, who can support the ongoing global expansion of HALT/HASS.

Midwest Cryogenics designs, manufactures and installs stainless steel super-insulated VJ piping for the efficient and cost-effective transport of LN2 to HALT/HASS systems.