LAS VEGAS - The second annual Hexagon 2012 conference, titled “Think Forward,” drew more than 3,000 attendees from more than 70 countries. Along with providing a chance to practice foreign language skills, the international event offered instruction on multiple high-precision industries, from aerospace to energy. The metrology track attendance was up 120% this year, and covered gage R&R, laser trackers, software tips, and measurement best practices. Applications as small as Micro-CT medical devices were discussed, along with the much larger Nascar technology, and offered a glimpse into the rigorous testing behind both.

The company’s range of products was reflected at the Tech Park expo, where public safety officers and surveyors were able to stroll past shop floor coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and fixture technology. Hexagon Metrology reaches companies from Airbus and BMW to Caterpillar and GE, and is part of the Hexagon AB Group.

To readQualityEditor Michelle Bangert’s take on the event, read her guest blog at The event returns to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas next year June 3-6.