COLUMBUS, OH - In accordance with the ASNT Bylaws, the board of directors has announced the following nominees for officer and director positions for the 2010–2011 term.

The nominees for the positions of chair of the Board, president and vice president are:
Chair of the Board: Joel W. Whitaker
President: Ricky L. Morgan
Vice President: Robert J. Potter.

The qualified candidates for the position of secretary/treasurer as determined by the ASNT Bylaws are:
Secretary/Treasurer: B. Boro Djordjevic
Secretary/Treasurer: Raymond G. Morasse
Secretary/Treasurer: Roland J. Valdes

Qualified nominees for the open director at large positions are as follows:
Director at Large: David R. Bajula
Director at Large: Danny L. Keck
Director at Large: Shant Kenderian

Nominees for council directors on the Board of Directors are as follows:
Certification Management Council Director: Robert A. Feole
Research Council Director: Lisa Brasche
Section Operations Council Director: David H. Mitchell
Technical and Education Council Director: Claudia V. Kropas-Hughes

Additionally, petitions to be placed on the July ballot as a candidate for any officer or director position must be received by June 1, 2010. Petitions for chair of the Board, president and vice president must be signed by at least 5% of the Society’s voting members, including a minimum of 10 members from 10 different sections. Petitions for secretary/treasurer or director require the signatures of at least 2% of the voting ASNT members, including at least five members each from a minimum of 20 sections.

On July 6, 010, all members for whom ASNT has an e-mail address will receive balloting notification e-mails that will include voting instructions, a voter login identification and a link to the election Web page. ASNT will also mail paper ballots to all voting members for whom it has no e-mail addresses and by request. The completed ballots must be received on or before August 20, 2010. Election results will be made public by September 1, 2010.