MUNICH - Since September 2008, the distribution of MVTec machine vision software products in the United States and Canada is additionally performed by Autim Inc., Greenville, DE. Besides the distribution of HALCON and ActivVisionTools, Autim also provides high-level technical support for these software products.

"As products that facilitate advanced vision solutions, HALCON and ActivVisionTools are a natural fit for Autim and our customers," says John Hooning, president of Autim Inc. "We are excited about the advanced tools, performance, and hardware independence HALCON provides and believe that the capabilities of the software will allow both our customers and our own developers, to tackle vision applications in new and unique ways. Additionally, the software development environment is exceptional, with extensive source code examples and detailed documentation."

The beginning of the distribution cooperation is carefully chosen to match the launch of the new HALCON 9.0 version in January 2009. HALCON 9.0 offers numerous worldwide novelties such as dramatically enhanced speed (especially regarding HALCON’s automatic operator parallelization), further developments in 3D vision, and new matching technologies for perspectively distorted objects.

"Autim’s expert understanding of machine vision and experience in providing sophisticated solutions are the perfect complement to our products," says Dr. Heiko Eisele, president of MVTec, LLC. "Our customers will strongly benefit from a partner, who understands the unique requirements of their application as well as the efficient way of implementing it with our software. This is an important milestone in our efforts to further penetrate the North American market."