NATICK, MA - Cognex K.K. in Japan is launching "In-Sight EZ" in April as the first machine vision system jointly developed by Cognex and Mitsubishi Electric, as an outcome from their partnering announced in August 2008. The new machine vision system will be marketed through Mitsubishi's sales representatives, who will also become Cognex Automation Solution Providers for the business.

The In-Sight EZ is a compact all-in-one machine vision system developed specifically from this partnering in the Japan market. Cognex has already launched In-Sight Micro, a programmable all-in one machine vision system for electronics and other markets where customized programming is required. The new In-Sight EZ is a pre-configured version of this base platform, and it seamlessly connects to the Mitsubishi PLC MELSEC-Q and/or GOT/Operator Interface Terminal through Ethernet port (via Mitsubishi MC Protocol), or through CC-Link I/O unit for EZ, for a range of Factory Automation (FA) applications.

The Mitsubishi MELSEC QnU sequencer CPU now has new function blocks specifically developed for EZ connection, so no set-up program is required to integrate In-Sight EZ. GOT is also able to display vision images sent from EZ and change parameters of EZ. This ease of connection and maintenance is crucial in FA applications.

Cognex and Mitsubishi plan to expand the partnership further by developing more joint solutions for other FA applications, like Motion and Robotics Controllers, and grow the offerings into an important family of the Mitsubishi Total FA Solution Platform e-F@ctory.

Shuji Abe, ARC Advisory Group, says, "Vision systems and machine visions are key components for the future quality and sustainable factory, as well as the supply chain. Their continued support, product development, and promotion of solution providers' capabilities to integrate the system to meet market demands will be key factors to achieve their goal."