ESSEX, ENGLAND - e2v, a designer, developer and manufacturer of CCD and CMOS imaging sensors and cameras and Physimetrics Inc. have signed a distribution agreement allowing Physimetrics to distribute e2v's range of line-scan cameras throughout the United States.

e2v's line-scan camera families, AviivA and EliixA, offer quality and performance in the industrial machine vision market, with recent additions of new color, quadrilinear and monochrome models.

Physimetrics, a U.S. based sales and technical support specialist in machine vision and image processing, provides the US market with years of experience in machine vision requirements, a commitment to quality, and the provision of class leading customer service. Backing e2v's technical expertise in camera design and application, and to further assist system manufacturers, Physimetrics also provides a full range of products to support e2v's camera range, including frame grabbers, software, lenses and cables.

"This agreement extends a long standing relationship between e2v and Physimetrics," explains Deren Mehmet, e2v's U.S. sales manager for industrial imaging, adding, "our customers will see a new level of support both in the distribution of our cameras and the accessibility of expertise and advice available to optimise their system performance."