Multipix Imaging, a UK supplier of machine vision components, has entered into an agreement with Flir Systems, the manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras.

Julie Busby, technical director at Multipix Imaging, said: 'We are very excited by the opportunity to work alongside the world's leader in thermal imaging and look forward to selling and supporting the Flir industrial camera range, which complement perfectly the current vision products offered by Multipix Imaging in the UK.'

Multipix will specialise in the Flir A–Series cameras, fixed mounted compact thermal imaging cameras that can be installed almost anywhere to monitor production process by detecting and measuring temperature differences and visualise heat patterns. The A-Series cameras are plug-and-play devices that can work together with third-party machine vision imaging software, such as MVTec's Halcon.

Chris Brown, European business development manager for Flir's Industrial Automation Section, stated: 'Flir Systems is extremely happy to have Multipix Imaging joining our vast European distribution network for A-Series thermal imaging cameras.'