A new control platform for Sigma Systems’ cryogenically and mechanically cooled thermal chambers and plates has been introduced by Thermonics. Burn-in and testing of components, sensors, and PCBs typically involves temperature cycling from two to four points, which can be time consuming to set up and run. The new TS Controller provides touch-screen and remote interfacing to set up and transfer thermal profiles, view data and trends, and log diagnostics.InTestThermal_IN

Setting up test parameters (from -185 to +500°C) such as set points, ramp speed, hold time, probe source, auxiliary ports, and number of temperature loops is faster than previous systems. Display status includes temperature data and trends for the device under test, the chamber and set points. Diagnostics such as cryo valve usage, ambient temperature, chiller and blower runtimes, and enclosure temperature assists with maintaining system performance. An optional independent fail safe protects units under test from damage.

inTEST Thermal
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