Kreon announced the full integration of its range of 3-D laser scanners together with Metrolog X4 i-robot. The success of Kreon is built on the most accurate 3D laser scanner capable of being easily interchanged and mounted on portable arms, machine tools, manual and DCC CMMs. Now, Kreon laser scanners are fully integrated with the Metrolog X4 i-Robot software and can be used on any kind of robots.AirTrakLaserScanner_IN

Some of the benefits of this new solution are:

  • Solution for inline measurement
  • Fast scanning of any type of surfaces
  • Combining touch-and-scan measurements in the same sensor
  • Easily switch from scanning to probing
  • Ready for all geometrical and free form analysis
  • Programming and reporting integrated
  • Ready to take any measurement projects you have

Kreon Technologies
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