The ASQ Inspection Division has selected ECM Global Measurement Solutions’ metrology engineer, Jon McLaughlin, as the 2021 Chuck Carter International Inspector of the Year. McLaughlin will be acknowledged at an award ceremony to be held later this year.

Starting fresh out of college as an entry-level dimensional inspection position, Jon McLaughlin now has over six years of service with ECM Global Measurement Solutions, a globally recognized full-service contract measurement company specializing in 3D scanning and modeling, reverse engineering & design, instrument calibrations and integration & alignment services. McLaughlin has worked in every aspect of the company: in-house inspection, on-site inspections, and calibrations, both in-house and in the field. Well-versed in portable metrology equipment and software, he has successfully used laser trackers, articulated arm CMMs, and long-range laser scanners to measure parts, assemblies, vehicles, and architectural structures. In software, he is proficient with Polyworks Inspector, CAM2, and Geomagic. McLaughlin has also mastered NRK’s Spatial Analyzer software. His education, skills, and experience have enabled him to complete 3D inspections across a wide range of industries – power generation, ship building, aerospace, automotive, microwave reflector, and military support.

McLaughlin graduated for the University of Massachusetts at Lowell with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He is one of roughly two hundred Level 1 Metrologists certified by the Coordinate Metrology Society.

The Division’s International Inspector of the Year Award is bestowed annually to an individual who spends more than 50% of his or her time in inspection, test, audit, calibration, etc., functions to assure conformance to engineering, manufacturing, quality and customer standards or requirements.

Nominees for this award are judged against the following criteria:
1. Knowledge, qualifications, background and experience.
2. Ability to represent the customer in on-line or final inspection test, audit, calibration, etc.
3. Ability to assist and motivate peers and other workers, supervision, departments, etc., to produce conforming products or services while improving productivity through reduced costs.
4. Ability to train others in inspection methodology and techniques, calibration, defect prevention, failure analysis, data recording, documentation, cost reduction, statistical applications, etc.
5. Professionally development via certifications, technical and quality courses, teaching, technical papers, etc.

The Inspection Division has offered the Inspector of the Year Award since 1974. For a list of the previous award recipients, an award application, or additional information about the ASQ Inspection Division and the award visit