This seems like a weird title for this blog but read on for a connection to our main themes of self-awareness, motivation, and success.  Have you ever thought about what makes a company great? Of course it is a given that the company has to have great products and service or they won’t be around long. Aside from that, the answer is one word – People.  Great companies need great people.

So maybe the question should be: "Why do great people end up working at great companies?" The answer just might be explained by what is often referred to as "The Law of Attraction."

Over the years, I have read a lot about "The Law of Attraction."  There are three main themes that I think about from the many books and articles I’ve read on this topic.  One is ‘you get what you think about’ and the other is ‘your thoughts determine your destiny.’  Both are also main themes that we’ve focused on in this blog. The third is ‘like attracts like.’ That's pretty simple and straightforward.

Perhaps this is why some motivational speakers have said that success is not something you should try to pursue. Rather, success is something you must attract by the person you become. What this means is that success is not something you can catch by chasing it. Instead, you must develop the skills, abilities, and character traits that will just naturally bring success your way. If you develop the qualities of success, then success will most surely come your way.

This same line of thinking works, I believe, in the realm of having a company filled with great people. The companies with the most to offer will end up with the best people because people are just naturally attracted to the best opportunities.

If we stay focused on the things that attract the best people, we will be rewarded by finding and working with the best people. A company’s growth is directly linked to the quality of the people that work there. And the key to attracting great people is to work on making the company as exciting and rewarding as possible.

"The Law of Attraction" is one of those universal laws that we can count on. All we have to do is to figure out what will attract that which we want – personally or professionally.

Think about it.