CNC vision systems

Quick Vision STREAM Series computer numerical control (CNC) noncontacting video systems have a nonstop, high-speed measurement mode. The system employs a progressive camera with stroboscopic illumination bundled with QVPak software to enable the machine to register measurements while the camera head is in motion, traversing the workpiece. QVPak software enables programming of the nonstop mode via an intuitive graphical user interface and supports extended 3-D data processing. Various illumination and magnification systems are available to match the application.

Mitutoyo America Corp.
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Universal length measuring system

The DMS 680, 0-27 inch internal and external universal measuring system has the ability to calibrate thread and cylindrical plug and ring gages, snap gages, gage blocks, micrometers, setting masters, dial indicators and electronic probes. The system includes all standard accessories including elevating table, thread wires, holders, centers, tips, masters, installation and training. A Windows-based PC with gage calibration and gage management software is also included. PC-direct reading allows automatic detection of maximum and minimum values.

Quality Calibration Service
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Leak detection

The H2000 is a digital instrument for leak detecting, as well as for leak locating. The unit is sensitive only to hydrogen. It can detect leaks as small as 5 x 10-7 mbar-l/s (cc/sec), or 0.5 ppm, without costly fixturing. The sensor can be flooded with trace gas and will return to a "zero" state within 20 to 30 seconds, allowing faster testing of samples.

Sensistor Technologies Inc.
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Gage management

GAGEpack 6.0, with bar code support and enhanced reporting functions, offers expanded capabilities. Features found in this version include full support for label printers, tool tips and more than a hundred report possibilities. A calendar view allows the viewing of important dates, such as when gages are due for calibration, at a glance. The program offers complete compliance with the third edition of the Measurement Systems Analysis manual. The program helps manage complete histories of measurement devices, instruments and gages. It allows a customer to create, sort and update an unlimited number of gage records. Included are functions for multi-gage repeatability and reproducibility studies with graphs and charts.

PQ Systems Inc.
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Measurement system

The SmartScope Flash 500 offers 20 by 18 by 8 inch XYZ travel in a small footprint floor stand system. The system's optical assembly moves in the X-axis across an angled steel crossbeam while the part moves in the Y-axis on a precision servo-driven stage. A stable granite platform ensures proper damping and structural integrity. The integrated system electronics minimize the system footprint while maximizing available stage travel. The system includes the AccuCentric 12X zoom lens that is automatically calibrated at every magnification change. Illumination includes the LED SmartRing light, coaxial (TTL) surface illuminator and LED back light. Multi-sensor capable, the system can also be configured with a touch probe or laser scanner.

Optical Gaging Products Inc.
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Vision measurement/inspection systems

Linear motors have been integrated into the View Summit series of large format, vision measurement/inspection systems. The integration provides the View Summit platform with the higher velocities and accelerations needed to satisfy near-line measurement/inspection requirements. The XP systems operate to 0.1 micron at velocities ranging from 400 to 500 millimeters per second. Design features include a fixed-bridge design with a heavy-duty granite base and arch, passive vibration isolation system and noncontact stage encoders offering 0.1-micron resolution. The system is available in various sizes.

View Engineering
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Measurement scorecard system

The Vital Metrics Business Scorecard System, a measurement and graphical scorecard system, strengthens management decision-making capabilities and improves corporate communication. Benefits include the ability to: identify and quantify inefficiencies in real time, create and manage follow up actions , define and monitor critical business measures , and comply with new quality standard requirements.

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Measurement tool

Exact specification of the tolerance of a valve, as well as its adherence and monitoring are important as manufacturing tolerances become increasingly small. The SIKO gage is made up of a mandrel fitted to the sizes of the valve seat, a universal outline-measurement slide, a measuring computer and Windows-based software. The unit can verify the seat angle, seat length and position of the gage line in a single standard measurement.

Euro-Tech Corp.
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Digital display instrument

Digital display instrument
The VE-71 is a programmable digital gaging instrument. It can be used on a bench or near a machine on the shop floor. With its low and high range settings, it can accept a variety of half bridge transducers. By switching modes, live, maximum, minimum or total indicated readings can be performed.

Valenite Gaging Systems
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Portable air gage

The Micro-Dimensionair portable air gage incorporates a Micro-Maxum Digital Indicator and an interchangeable handle to provide accurate, convenient readouts at the measurement site. The digital dial rotates through 270 degrees for easy viewing. The fixed resolution and balanced air system on the gage provide stable, reliable results, and single mastering allows fast set up. The interchangeable handle can be configured as a pistol grip or normal end mount for easy application of the plug to the part. For large, heavy plugs, the handle can also be mounted between the tooling and the display to provide an ergonomic measuring system.

Mahr Federal
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