PALO ALTO, CA-Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced a low-priced calibration service for electronic test equipment used in general-purpose applications. The industry calibration service is designed for customers who need calibration services for general-purpose applications from research and development to manufacturing and field service. Calibration, which includes calibration data and adjustments, is available for a wide variety of Agilent and third-party electronic test equipment, including basic instruments such as digital multimeters, power supplies, counters, function generators and oscilloscopes. It is also available for RF/microwave equipment, such as signal generators, spectrum analyzers and network analyzers.

Agilent continues to offer both its Inclusive and Standards-Based Calibration services. Inclusive Calibration provides additional test points, calibrating the instrument to a level equivalent to when the instrument was originally manufactured, and is especially well suited for high-performance, critical applications such as final production test and R&D design validation. Standards-Based Calibration, which includes Z540, ISO 17025 and accredited options, is ideal for customers with specific quality-

standard requirements. All Agilent calibration services are available by returning the equipment to Agilent or directly at customers' sites.

"We are pleased to now offer our customers a full range of calibration services so they can buy the right amount of calibration to meet their needs," says Jake Egbert, vice president of Agilent's Service Solutions Unit. "Agilent Industry Calibration allows customers to purchase services delivered with the quality and expertise Agilent is known for, at an attractive price."