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FullMetrics provides computer-based solutions for process monitoring, production management, and machine diagnostics. FullMetrics products range from portable data acquisition and analysis systems for process engineers, quality specialists and test laboratories, to installed systems for plant-wide production and process monitoring for plastic molders.

The FullMetrics Analyzer product offers an extremely flexible yet intuitive system for high-speed data acquisition and analysis. And since it is completely driven by its graphical and menu driven interface, it can be used quickly and effectively without any developing or debugging by the end-user.

Used for applications such as:

  • Process optimization and cycle time reduction.
  • Process prototyping for new production runs, new machines, new materials, or new methods.
  • Material testing.
  • Machine profiling and consistency testing, especially when considering a new purchase.
  • Troubleshooting & diagnostics.
  • Proof-of-process & documentation. Prove to your customers and prospects the degree of quality they can expect.
  • Statistical correlation between process data and part attributes.
  • Automated feedback (output) on process condition.